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Experience world-class medical insurance for a fraction of the cost  compared to major insurance carriers
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-Health Insurance: Under 65*                -Purchase any time of year (open enrollment)
-Significantly lower priced.                     -Multiple plans avavilable
-Free TeleDoc                                              -Includes urgent care, labs and diagnostics
-No Deductibles* *                                    -No co-pays or deductibles for outpatient
                                                                         including outpatient surgery

*Health insurance for the under 65 market that is not part of the Affordable Care Act/Marketplace
**No co-pays or deductibles for outpatient care incuding outpatient surgery.

This is not a guarantee of coverage. Speak to a licensed Advisor, and refer to carrier brochures for specific plan benefits, exclusions and limitations.

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About Our Agency

~ Who we are
H & A Insurance was created with the customer in mind. Living in Yuma,AZ, health insurance options are extremely limited for the small business, self-employed, individuals and families that don't qualify for subsidies on the Marketplace; or simply don't find Obamacare individual or group plans cost effective. Plain and simple, we have plans for the under "65" market where healthier people are not paying for others pre-existing conditions; men aren't paying for maternity care and everyone isn't paying for immunizations when there are no children on the plan. Our loyalties are to our CUSTOMERS, not any one company. In most cases, we are able to save each family $1,000's (Plural) out of pocket costs each year.

~ Who we serve
We advocate for families, individuals and small to medium sized businesses. By underwriting our clients we are able to eliminate outpatient deductibles and copays. Our business clients are able to attract better applicants and employee retention just by OFFERING benefits whether they pay for them or not. FIRST HEALTH NETWORK.

Let us show you how we can provide affordable health care.

Highlights of Plans

* Easy to use benefits that start right away-no deductibles, copays or coinsurance

* Set, first dollar benefits that help pay for doctor visits, prescriptions, preventive care

* The greatest level of freedom when it comes to choosing doctors, specialists and facilities no referrals or networks required

* Flexibility to assign benefits to providers or to yourself should you wish to take advantage of cash pay pricing

* Unlimited, $0 virtual care visits- anytime and anywhere

* Access to one of the largest networks of healthcare providers bringing you significant discounts on healthcare services

* Savings are passed directly to you

* Plan is customized to fit your coverage and budget needs

* Access to a star line-up of fair pricing tools and resources- all avaialable to help you save on quality care

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"I recently had an urgent care visit, and I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with H&A Insurance. From start to finish, they went above and beyond to provide exceptional service, giving me the peace of mind I needed during a stressful time."
-Joel D.