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Doug and Ronna Sue found a passion and then their purpose in 2020 being a supportive advocate for others in their community.  Doug has over 30 years in the Oil and Fuel Distribution industry as the Branch and Sales Manager handling all aspects of that role.  When he determined it was time to retire, a side gig was a must to keep him busy and, as they say, "out of the Wife's hair."  After beginning to study for his Health Insurance license, Doug soon was intrigued with the aspect of helping local businesses navigate the options of health care.  Choosing H & A Insurance will provide benefits that Yuma businesses can afford for their employees; will give Yuma a local representative to be in their corner to help navigate the health insurance industry; and an affordable, easily managed health insurance plan.  We also are here for the self-employed, families and individuals that don't prefer ACA plans.
Doug and Ronna Sue have been married for over 25+ years, have a combined family of 5 children and 14 grandchildren; oh don't forget 2 goldendoodles that run the household.  Traveling and Cruising are their enjoyment along with spending as much time as they can with grandchildren.
~ Who we are
H & A Insurance was created with the customer in mind. Living in Yuma,AZ, health insurance options are extremely limited for the small business, self-employed, individuals and families that don't qualify for subsidies on the Marketplace; or simply don't find Obamacare individual or group plans cost effective. Plain and simple, we have plans for the under "65" market where healthier people are not paying for others pre-existing conditions; men aren't paying for maternity care and everyone isn't paying for immunizations when there are no children on the plan. Our loyalties are to our CUSTOMERS, not any one company. In most cases, we are able to save each family $1,000's (Plural) out of pocket costs each year.

~ Who we serve
We advocate for families, individuals and small to medium sized businesses. By underwriting our clients we are able to eliminate outpatient deductibles and copays. Our business clients are able to attract better applicants and employee retention just by OFFERING benefits whether they pay for them or not. FIRST HEALTH NETWORK.

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